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Uma Thurman kills Bill topless

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Kill Bill brought out the ass-kicking hotness in Uma Thurman, and even though she wasn’t actually typecast by her popularity from it, we all still remember her in the bloodied yellow suit, hacking at the Crazy 88 like a chef at an all-sushi bar, and flipping the flat side of her blade on the poor Yakuzalet’s underage ass. I’m sure feet fetishists-slash-Uma Thurman fanboys jacked off to excessive close ups of Uma’s little piggy toes, but to the rest of us who wanted to see real nudity and got none (unless you count Lucy Liu’s brain getting the literal brain freeze via Uma’s Sushifier as naked, you macabre bastard), here’s instead The Bride’s titties, all wiggled out and functional, post-atrophy.

Pair a heiny-spanking hot celebrity chick like Uma Thurman with exposed tits and voila, you get these naked Kill Bill-themed pictures of Uma Thurman. Now, if only we could get Daryl Hannah a.k.a. Elle Driver naked and fucking Uma lesbian-style